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The therapy

The holistic therapy of revitCells® for the promotion of vitality and performance

At revitCells, I offer holistic therapy for the treatment of (sometimes severe) signs of exhaustion and for the general, profound promotion of vitality at cellular level. This is made possible by innovative, in-depth analyses and a sensible combination of the latest, effective treatment methods, such as hypoxia training or treatment with fatty acids and vitamins.

Feeling healthy is not being healthy

The thought "I'm fine" often stems from the habit of our own actual state, which may have been with us for years. I myself, Dr. Denis Simunec, have lived for the past 15 years, or even longer, with the condition of pressing "Snooze" 5 times in the morning to coax a few more minutes of sleep from the alarm clock - it was normal that way. In the meantime, struggling out of bed has turned into getting up in a relaxed and speedy manner. Fortunately, no miracle was necessary for this, but quite simply the consistent combination of logical concepts and findings from various medical and scientific fields. I have been lucky enough to have recognized these mosaic stones and to have put them together to form a picture, so that I can now enjoy a new quality of life.

The thanks goes to my wife

I have long thought about whether to include this section. But my wife or rather your illness was the origin of this extended, holistic therapy. I have your express permission to mention this fateful event. I may say it in advance, she has recovered.

After the 2nd Corona vaccination, unfortunately, there were unforeseen problems with the activation of a wide variety of burns and the emergence of an agonizing fatigue syndrome (chronic fatigue). Everyday activities ended almost daily in a 6-hour bedriddenness from exhaustion. To cope with everyday life was almost impossible. She could not be helped by conventional medicine. The option of intravenous high-dose cortisone therapy was not an option. Initial treatments with acupuncture and orthomolecular infusions brought relief. During this difficult time, I myself worked intensively on ways to manage this post-vac syndrome. Over time, the many insights gained from this work and the associated research into the causes have come together to form a complete picture. A holistic therapy with the approach to treat the whole organism, literally from the inside of the cell.

Mosaic stone 1: Everything begins in the small intestine

Our small intestine is a central site of many life-sustaining processes, such as the formation of neurotransmitters and hormones, the shaping of the immune system, metabolic regulation and much more. They are carried out by our microorganisms in the gut (microbiota). They are fungi, viruses and bacteria that accompany us throughout our lives and make us who we are.

Unfortunately, the small intestine has received little attention to date, even though it is known that it is a fundamental component for maintaining our physiology. Until now, the focus has been almost exclusively on the large intestine. In the large intestine, the stool is thickened and prepared for excretion by so-called transient germs. Transient means "foreign, not able to be permanently present in a particular biotope", in contrast to the residents, i.e. the sedentary germs in the small intestine. These are permanently on site.

Another difference is that almost all microorganisms in the large intestine are "lumenal", i.e. in the cavity of the intestine, and are therefore much more "volatile". The microbiota of the small intestine, on the other hand, live in the intestinal wall, they are sedentary there - live there as part of and with us. The spectrum of fungi, viruses, bacteria and even parasites there exists as a genetically fixed fingerprint. Already in the first 3 months as a fetus, microbiota begin to develop in the small intestine.

I myself learned in my studies that the "small intestine is sterile". But if we now know that the germs do not live in the lumen, i.e. in the cavity, this is only true in a limited sense. A microbial smear does not detect these germs, which live in the intestinal wall. So-called "stool samples" only serve to analyze the large intestine and cannot give any conclusions at all as to what it looks like in the small intestine. Here we come to the explanation why not much is known about these germs in detail. There was no practical test method to get at this microbiota - until now.

Small intestine test with two drops of blood

Mass spectrometry of microbial markers in blood (MSMM) according to G.A. Osipov makes it possible for the first time to evaluate the parietal microbiota living in the mucin layer of the small intestine. With just two drops of blood, it is possible to precisely record the microbial flora of the small intestine and recognize whether there is a deficiency dysbiosis (a reduction of the leading germs, etc.) or an overgrowth of the small intestine (SIBO). Both lead to a wide variety of complaints and should be treated accordingly in order to restore eubiosis, i.e. the healthy balance of the microbiota to each other.

The simple rule: the more diverse the bacteria in our body, the better and more comprehensively our immune system works. But apart from bacterial diversity, the amount of bacteria of these species is important and there are some averages for the norm in healthy people. If there is a deficiency of one bacterium, the balance gets out of whack and other species will take their place. If there are too many of them, they can cause inflammation. This also applies to the friendly lacto and bifidus bacteria. Everything with measure and aim. For this reason, the microbial community in each of us usually has its own personality, its own composition, specific at the level of strains, like our fingerprint, which it tries to preserve throughout life.

The microbiota determine almost all vital processes and functions in the human body:

  • Supplies the body with energy
  • regulates the immune system (cellular, humoral)
  • participates in the detoxification
  • stimulates intestinal peristalsis
  • nourishes the intestinal epithelium
  • Participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • participates in the metabolism of bile acids, bilirubin
  • Participates in water-salt metabolism
  • Participates in heat metabolism
  • has mutagenic/antimutagenic and oxidizing/antioxidizing activities
  • synthesizes vitamins (e.g. of the B or K group)
  • participates in the synthesis of several essential amino acids
  • regulates behavioral responses.

Something is wrong with (in) me

Now that we know how important the microbiota of the small intestine is, it is also absolutely understandable that many of the above functions are disturbed in the case of a deficiency or a lack of colonization. We feel weak or sick, not efficient. Maybe we don't know it any other way, because it has been with us for years.

A very nice example represents a case in my clinic. A patient has had "restless legs" for years. At some point this disturbing phenomenon occurred. Classical medications were prescribed, but they did not help completely. A test of the small intestine revealed that, in addition to a general overgrowth, a certain germ "Clostridium tetani" in particular was inhabiting the small intestine in excessive numbers. This germ produces a neurotoxin, which can cause exactly the symptoms of "restless legs". After a gentle treatment of the intestine and the repression of the germs, the symptoms also disappeared.

In any case, depending on your test result, we at the revitCells practice clinic can recommend different treatments to restore the previously mentioned eubiosis (balance of the microbiota).

Mosaic stone 2: Repairing the power plants of our cells

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is needed for all of our body's cells to live and for metabolic processes to take place in the first place. This "gasoline of the cell" is produced primarily in the power plants of our cells - the mitochondria. Each of our cells contains up to several hundred of these cell organelles. These little marvels even have their own DNA united within them. All working processes are coded and programmed here. However, this genetic code can be faulty, especially if influences such as radiation, stress, toxins or others damage this DNA. The chain of thought is easy to understand: defective genetic code leads to defective mitochondria, less ATP production. Less ATP in the system means less energy, less energy means less power - an incredibly important causal chain.

In addition to small intestine diagnostics, we now also have a test procedure in the revitCells practice clinic to measure the degree of this DNA damage to the mitochondria, also via 2 drops of blood in the laboratory. Depending on the degree of damage, appropriate therapy concepts can then take place, which always include our interval hypoxia training as a basis.

Mosaic Stone 3: Essential Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids, Amino Acids & Vitamins

All our cells need fatty acids, e.g. to be able to build up the cell walls etc.. Here, too, there are essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body itself and must be supplied throughout life. As is often the case in life, there must be a healthy ratio of these fatty acids to each other. Ideally, this is 5:1 (omega 6 to 3). Our ancestors even had a ratio of 1:1, since fish was eaten as frequently as meat. In today's Western civilization, this desired 5:1 ratio is actually almost non-existent. We basically have an abundance of omega 6 fatty acids and a deficiency of omega 3. Unfortunately, many do not know about the explosive nature of this imbalance: it is called lipid peroxidation. Simply put, when the ratio exceeds 5:1 (i.e. too much omega 6 and too little omega 3), chronic inflammation occurs in the body, which can affect all organ and cell systems.

The determination of the ratio and the compensation of the omega 3 deficit is absolutely necessary and an enormously important mosaic stone for our holistic therapy. The supply of vitamins and essential amino acids complete the treatment spectrum.

Mosaic Stone 4: The HRV

The medical value of heart rate variability (HRV) has long been known. Health is a state of regulation. The better we can regulate and compensate, the better and healthier we feel. The Nilas MV measures 300 heartbeats via hand electrodes and takes various parameters from them that provide information about the regulatory capacity of your organism.
The heart rate variability shows the vegetative communication between heart, brain and body. In many diseases, a blockage in the vegetative regulation and thus a restricted HRV can be detected. These include many chronic diseases, depression, burnout, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure or neuritis.
In addition to heart rate variability, Nilas MV calculates other complementary medical, psychoemotional and energetic factors such as biological age, energy reserves, overall health index and brainwave activity.
In numbers and diagrams, Nilas MV illustrates "where you are right now", how stressed your organism is and how well it can respond to external and internal stimuli.

The mosaic is complete

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it.
Elbert Hubbard

The quote from Elbert Hubbard aptly describes the career of my wife and what has become of it. Besides the most important fact that my wife has recovered, I myself could also use the above developed connections to become "healthy", "healthier" and more efficient. But the wonderful thing is that really every human being can use these holistic effects in our modern times. Only when the inner cell system is functioning, other, higher ordered things in the organism can run correctly.

Our health is not a self-evident good, but a complex existence that we must actively and permanently contribute to maintaining. At revitCells, we offer you the opportunity to do just that with the state-of-the-art approach of our holistic therapy.

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