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Breast enlargement

Patients with so-called micromastia, i.e. breasts that are smaller than average, often wish to have their own breasts enlarged accordingly. Dr. Simunec offers autologous fat transplantation for breast augmentation, but also pure prosthesis insertion. Often so-called hybrid operations are performed, in which the patient's own fat can be inserted in addition to a prosthesis. This often allows a smaller prosthesis to be used.

Breast reduction and breast lift

The opposite picture is found in macromastia, where the breasts are often much too large and heavy, so that these patients wish to have their breasts reduced due to the resulting back and neck pain, sores under the breasts, etc. The result is that the breasts can be reduced in size. Here it is important to use appropriate scar-saving techniques to achieve the best possible shape of the reduced breasts.

Dr Simunec uses a very special procedure for breast reduction or breast lift. In his breast reduction technique, he removes the upper quadrants of the mammary gland, as this is statistically where most cancerous changes occur. Unfortunately, elsewhere the lower parts of the breast are almost always removed. Another advantage of the technique is that the ability to breastfeed can almost be guaranteed, as the rear glandular part of the nipple remains fully intact and does not need to be touched.

Occasionally there are also shape disorders that we call "tubular" or "tube breasts". These often more complex shape changes then require an extended correction with, for example, the additional insertion of silicone implants or autologous fat. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages and, depending on the initial situation, are sometimes "better" or "worse" suited.

Rapid recovery technology

No matter which procedure is chosen, Dr Simunec uses the most modern techniques to be able to work in a way that is absolutely gentle on the tissue. The use of the latest technologies makes it possible to operate with extremely little blood, which leads to less bruising, less tissue trauma and consequently less pain. Faster regeneration, i.e. fast or rapid recovery, is guaranteed.


The pathological feminisation of the male breast can have a wide variety of causes. In the case of "real" gynaecomastia, hormonal imbalance leads to the formation of a glandular body in the man. In the case of "false" or pseudogynaecomastia, there is fat storage in the breast, which also leads to an increase in volume and can resemble the appearance of a "real" one. Both variants should be clarified and can be eliminated, for example, by liposuction or by lifting operations.

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