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Hand surgery

Therapy methods of
Hand surgery by revitCells®.

Specialist in hand surgery during manual therapy

As a specialist in hand surgery, I offer a wide range of minimally invasive treatment techniques to functional and aesthetic restoration of the hand.

The success of modern hand surgery lies in the joint action of different techniques. True to my guiding principle, conservative and minimally invasive techniques are used first, in preparation for or as an alternative to "major" surgery. I draw on the most modern knowledge and technologies for all treatments and operations.

In addition to widespread diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's disease and many more, the main focus is on osteoarthritis of the hand and finger joints and the pain associated with it.

Manual medicine as the first step of therapy

Disturbances in the hand can lead to changes in higher sections of the body, such as pain in the shoulder girdle or the spine - but also vice versa. Symbolically well to compare with a clock: is the last cogwheel in a chain disturbed or changed, this leads to the influence of the entire clockwork.

Manual medicine can often help decisively to detect the errors in the functional chains and to correct them without surgery. Through a variety of manual techniques with the hand and appropriate grips, we can often eliminate disorders quickly and gently, for example, through manipulation and mobilization, and overall create an early relief of discomfort.

The combination with other processes

In combination with minimally invasive procedures such as fat stem cell transplantation, manual medicine is for me an essential pillar of the so-called multimodal therapy. Only through the combination of conservative and minimally invasive procedures, a potentiation of the effectiveness of individuals can be achieved.

Overall, major surgery such as joint replacement with a prosthesis or other radical operations can be avoided or at least postponed. This results in shorter downtime at work, shorter recovery time, less pain in the healing phase, fewer complications in the course due to minimal surgical trauma - all in all, more quality of life remains for the patient.

Surgery as a last resort

If surgical therapy is the last rung on the therapeutic ladder, it should always be as gentle as possible for the tissue and ultimately for the patient.

Due to my many years of experience in plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic and hand surgery, I have mastered well-founded surgical techniques at revitCells, by means of which operations can be performed with the least possible tissue damage and scarring.

The so-called microsurgical techniques are an essential component in the surgical construct of achieving the greatest possible success through minimal trauma.

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