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The latest methods of liposuction

Liposuction with the latest technology (WAL, PAL, ultrasound & plasma)

Depending on the circumstances and objectives, I suction the fatty tissue using different techniques. I use different technologies for this and am very pleased that we at revitCells can offer everything that is currently technically possible. We offer water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL), power-assisted liposuction (PAL) and also the new ultrasound technology.

In the field of regenerative medicine and autologous fat transplantation, I exclusively use the waterjet procedure. This procedure has become essential, particularly with regard to the possibility of non-traumatic harvesting of regenerative cells (fat stem cells), and in my opinion is superior to other procedures. Recently, I have also been able to perform skin tightening using Argo-Plasma without having to cut away tissue.

Double chin, belly, legs, buttocks

The classic problem areas of increased fat accumulation on the abdomen, buttocks or thighs can now be treated very gently using partly water jet assisted suction techniques. However, the suctioned fat does not always have to be discarded, on the contrary.

Sometimes it is gold that shines

Knowing that there are numerous fat stem cells in the so-called lipoaspirate (liposuctioned fat), these can be extracted in the same operation through a filtering process and used for numerous other therapies. I would like to recommend the chapter on fat stem cell therapy or the chapter on autologous fat on my revitCells website.

Explanation of the new power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

The Nouvag PAL system enables infiltration and liposuction with a vibration function.

The vibration protects the surrounding tissue as the cannula moves gently through the surgical area.

In aesthetic surgery, the patient's desire to achieve body contouring has become increasingly relevant in recent years.

With the help of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), optimal liposuction can be guaranteed, especially for body contouring, because it can be performed very "dry" after infiltration.

Modeling and sculpting body contours (e.g. six-pack modeling) with the PAL technique, in combination with prior ultrasound therapy, is the most modern and best way to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Explanation of the new ultrasound technology (LipoSaver)

The LipoSaver treatment is the latest ultrasound application for correcting body contours by dissolving stubborn fat on certain parts of the body that does not disappear with exercise or diet.

LipoSaver can reliably remove stubborn fat using advanced ultrasound technology. As the ultrasound energy only targets fat cells, it does not damage the surrounding tissue (such as connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves), unlike traditional liposuction. As a result, more aesthetic results are achieved with less bruising and swelling. Patients return to their everyday lives very quickly. It is an ideal treatment for every woman and man who wants to look healthy, natural and athletic. LipoSaver ultrasound therapy is used for maximum weight reduction and optimal body shaping.


How is the procedure performed?

Your body contours are planned according to your body structure and your expectations and shaped in the same way a sculptor shapes a sculpture. As your body has its own shape and structure, the results vary from person to person, but the result is always a natural appearance.

For women, the aim is to achieve a thinner waistline. Annoying excess fat is gently removed and optionally transferred to other areas that should appear fuller (such as breasts and buttocks). The abdominal area is flattened. Thick arms become thinner, sagging is eliminated and your contours become smoother and more aesthetic. By removing unwanted fat deposits from the hips, the inside of the legs and shaping the ankle, a thin and elegant appearance is achieved.

For men, the abdomen and chest are treated particularly intensively. Abdominal muscles, also known as the "six pack", are made visible with special planning and suction. By removing excess fat in the chest area, the chest muscles become visible.


Can the application be used in several areas during one session?

With LipoSaver ultrasound therapy, several areas such as the abdomen, waist, back, chest, bottom, arms and legs can be treated during one session.


What are the advantages?

  • As the surrounding tissue is not damaged, the risk of bleeding, bruising and swelling is low.
  • Healing takes place very quickly
  • In contrast to conventional liposuction methods, significantly more fat is removed
  • You can return to your everyday life immediately.


How does the procedure work?

The operation is performed under local and/or general anesthesia. To anesthetize and constrict the blood vessels in the surgical area, an epinephrine-lidocaine mixture with saline solution is injected through the 3-4 mm openings in the skin. Special probes from LipoSaver, which emit ultrasound waves, are then inserted into the area, targeting only the excess fat that needs to be removed and liquefying it without damaging the surrounding tissue. Liquefied fats are sucked out with special cannulas in the subsequent liposuction.

You should wear a special compression garment for 4 to 6 weeks after the operation. Post-operative care is a very important step after such an operation. After about 2 to 4 months of wound healing, you will achieve the desired appearance.


Are the results of LipoSaver treatment permanent?

Yes, our body will not produce new fat cells to replace the liquefied fat cells that have been suctioned out. If you follow a healthy diet and exercise after the procedure, the results will be permanent.


Is there a risk of embolism with LipoSaver treatment?

An embolism occurs when a small vessel is blocked. In liposuction applications, an embolism occurs when a "fat cluster" blocks one of the vessels. As no vessels are damaged during the LipoSaver application, there is almost no risk of embolism compared to classic liposuction.


Do scars remain after LipoSaver treatment?

Often only very small scars of around 4 mm remain for each "probe access". In most people, these scars disappear completely or fade over time.

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