The treatment

Modern methods of liposuction

Liposuction with water jet (WAL) & laser

I suction the fatty tissue using water jet assisted (WAL), which is one of the gentlest procedures. Especially with regard to the possibility of non-traumatic extraction of regenerative cells (fat stem cells), this procedure has become essential and, in my opinion, superior to other procedures. Recently, we have also been able to remove fatty tissue or carry out skin tightening by means of laser.

Double chin, belly, legs, buttocks

The classic problem areas of increased fat accumulation on the abdomen, buttocks or thighs can now be treated very gently using partly water jet assisted suction techniques. However, the suctioned fat does not always have to be discarded, on the contrary.

Sometimes it is gold that shines

Knowing that there are numerous fat stem cells in the so-called lipoaspirate (liposuctioned fat), these can be extracted in the same operation through a filtering process and used for numerous other therapies. I would like to recommend the chapter on fat stem cell therapy or the chapter on autologous fat on our revitCells website.

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