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The therapy

revitHair® cell therapy against
hair loss (alopecia)

New studies show that fat stem cells can also help with hair loss (alopecia). Results from England show that in partially hairless areas a dense network of hair grows again within 12 months. For the first time, I was also able to induce new hair growth with the injection of the body's own SVF cells (fat stem cells). In addition, the new hair network proved to be denser and more stable. For this purpose I have developed my own procedure: revitHair®.

The revitHair® therapy combination for increased efficiency

Only the interaction of several therapeutic approaches can increase the probability of therapeutic success. In addition to the fat stem cell injection, a combined application of various substances is therefore necessary, in some cases also by means of medical needling (Dermapen 4). In the run-up to the treatment, a precise laboratory analysis is also carried out in order to detect hormonal imbalances. Micronutrient analysis is also an essential pillar.

Regenera Activa® as hair stem cell transplantation

Regenera Activa® offers a simple and gentle method for the regenerative treatment of androgenetic alopecia. This method stimulates the formation of new cells and the supply of nutrients to the scalp, which ultimately leads to improved hair growth.

To perform the treatment, small tissue particles are removed from the patient and prepared for the injection. Using a very fine cannula, the injection is delivered to the scalp with little pain and risk.

In most cases, a single application is enough to see the first results after just one month. The full effect of Regenera Activa® unfolds within 6 months at the latest and lasts for a very long time. Patients can therefore enjoy their regained hair fullness for many years.

Fat stem cell therapy for hair loss

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