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Cell therapies & regeneration

The novel,
regenerative cell therapy
from revitCells®.

Cell therapy with fat stem cells

Under the term cell therapy I summarize the combined application of the most modern, surgical techniques with micro/nano fat, autologous blood and fat stem cells, which I offer as part of my revitCells® cell therapy.

In the very new field of cell therapies, I have developed and perfected my own techniques in recent years, which I offer as part of my revitCells® cell therapy. With the techniques mentioned, clinical pictures such as arthrosis, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, scars and others can be treated very efficiently.

By removing, processing and injecting the body's own fat stem cells, regenerative processes can be set in motion very efficiently at the respective site of action. Another advantage of cell therapy can be that, if successful, drugs or complex surgical procedures can be dispensed with.

In revitCells I follow a holistic approach in all therapeutic procedures. For the first time it is possible to perform highly complex analyses of the small intestine (NOT the large intestine!) - in the case of often pathological conditions of the microbiome, appropriate treatments can then be carried out. Here, applications with postbiotics but also metabolism-regulating and cell-renewing supplementary therapies with omega acids, amino acids as well as hypoxia training are possible and optionally recommended.
In any case, so-called multimodal therapies, i.e. the interaction of several treatments, are more effective than just "monotherapy".
Learn everything you need to know about my revitCells® therapy offers on these pages.

Regenerative medicine

of a treatment

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My cell therapies consist of collection, processing, injection, and adjunctive measures to support efficacy.


The therapy concept

I am convinced that in every therapy several treatment paths should be followed simultaneously in order to increase the probability of a healing success. Together, I develop a therapy concept tailored to your clinical picture, in which I combine various therapy approaches into a complex whole, in addition to pure cell therapy. From nutritional analysis with the optimization of micronutrients, to targeted blood analyses, to shock wave and altitude training therapy.


Cell removal

For fat stem cell harvesting, fat is suctioned from the abdomen or thigh. This procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. The extracted fat cells are then processed in the operating room using special procedures. My years of experience have enabled me at revitCells to use only high-quality procedures (Q-Graft®, Arhtrex®, etc.) for cell harvesting.


Injection of the cells

The prepared fat stem cells are injected under local or short anesthesia directly into the site of action during the same procedure, e.g. into a wound, wrinkles, joints, or more. Taken together, it usually takes 20-60 minutes for the simple procedure and about 180 minutes for the Q-Graft® procedure (e.g. in combination with ear cartilage). The choice of procedure depends on the particular treatment.


Accompanying measures

To increase the probability of a healing success, I combine cell therapy with other methods. Often neglected is the small intestine with its microbiota - but if there is a miscolonization here, e.g. joint inflammations can be explained. In this case, we can perform a small intestine analysis (not large intestine!) as a highly specialized laboratory analysis
. Furthermore, a special form of nutrition, micronutrient optimizations or the wearing of special insoles / custom-made orthoses is recommended. We work hand-in-hand with specialists here.

Our cell therapies

Hair loss

New studies show that fat stem cells can also help with hair loss (alopecia). Results from England show that a dense network of hair grows again within 12 months in partially hairless areas. Learn more about our special revitCells cell therapy treatment for hair loss (alopecia).


I have already had enormously good experience with fat stem cell therapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hands and feet. Since February 2017, the necessary technology is also available to treat large joints with fat stem cells. Learn more about my special revitCells cell therapy treatment for osteoarthritis.

Erectile dysfunction

Drug approaches to treat organically caused erectile dysfunction often have many side effects and are rarely with lasting effect, as they do not address the cause. With the help of the revitCells® technique, exactly this gap can be closed by permanently improving blood flow and nerve regeneration due to its regenerative ability.

Hypoxia training / altitude training (IHHT)

One of the main causes of exhaustion lies in our cells. If their work is impaired, this results in metabolic disorders, physical fatigue and even burnout. A promising method for revitalising the "cellular power plants" is called hypoxia training. It is based on a cellular mechanism that was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine for its discovery. Learn more about revitCells hypoxia training.

Holistic therapy

At revitCells I now offer a holistic therapy for the treatment of (sometimes severe) symptoms of exhaustion and for the general, profound promotion of vitality at the cellular level. I am able to do this through novel, in-depth blood analyses and a sensible combination of the most modern, effective treatment methods, such as hypoxia training or treatment with fatty acids, vitamins, etc.