The treatment

Highly efficient muscle building
and definition through new HI-EMT

Through a very special, electromagnetic stimulation of individual muscle groups (HI-EMT), extremely high muscle-building effects are to be achieved in only a few sessions. Earlier procedures became more widely known under terms such as EMS and are now widespread. The new HI-EMT method we use, on the other hand, is the next stage of development in the field, with enormously increased effect potential. Learn more about the revitCells Bodyforming Therapy for maximum efficient muscle building here.

The revitCells® Bodyforming Therapy

Maximum muscle contraction through HI-EMT

HI-EMT treatment (also HIEMT) is a high-intensity, muscle-building application in the lying position, in which individual muscle groups are strengthened and defined through targeted electromagnetic waves. Unlike conventional EMS treatments, maximum muscle contraction can be achieved. Another accompanying effect is an increase in the overall metabolic rate. This means that the fat burning in the body is sustainably increased. In addition, the application can stimulate blood circulation in the connective tissue, which also contributes to the body-shaping effect.

How revitCells® HI-EMT treatment works

The treatment is performed lying down and lasts 30 minutes per session. To achieve maximum effect, our body shaping treatment includes a total of at least 8 sessions. After that, additional sessions can be booked as needed. In order to plan the treatment in advance and, above all, to be able to analyse its effects, every patient receives a complete 3D body scan before and after the treatment. The results can be analysed in detail on the patient's own smartphone via an app.

HI-EMT for athletes - the ideal catalyst

We consider the Bodyforming treatment for muscle building as a supportive, body-shaping measure. Athletes can use it specifically, for example, to maximise training success, parallel to the individual training plan. Additional sessions are also possible beyond the 8 basic sessions, depending on individual needs.

As a supplement to other, body-shaping measures

Our HI-EMT treatment can also be used in conjunction with other body contouring procedures, such as aesthetic liposuction or liposuction for lipedema. This holistic approach can create synergistic effects that positively influence the final result. Learn more about this, for example, on our page on liposuction.

Monitor results via 3D body scan & app

A special highlight of our revitCells® body shaping therapy is the use of a complete 3D body scan before and after the treatment. This allows the sessions to be optimally planned and their results to be ideally analysed. You also get access to your 3D scans and other measurement results via app on your smartphone.

HI-EMT muscle building

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At a glance

  • Highly effective muscle building and definition
  • Up to 19% fat loss
  • Up to 16% muscle gain
  • 8 sessions per treatment
  • Only 30 minutes per session
  • Further sessions can be booked individually
  • 3D full body scan for analysis
  • Scan results and 3D visualisation available via app
  • Ideal companion for training or liposuction
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