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The treatment

Simply get rid of fat deposits with the
novel cryolipolysis

What is a cryolipolysis treatment?

In cryolipolysis, fat deposits are treated by means of cold. The affected area of the body is cooled down in a controlled manner, whereby fat cells die and are then easily broken down by the body. This still relatively new treatment method works without a scalpel and anaesthesia. In some cases, it can therefore be a gentle and also favourable alternative to liposuction, or an ideal accompanying treatment to other body-shaping measures.

The advantages of the revitCells® cryolipolysis treatment

The success of a cryolipolysis treatment is largely dependent on the quality of the cryogenic device and the experience of the treating physician, which is why at revitCells I only offer cryolipolysis treatments with devices of the highest, medical quality.

Compared to many other cryogenic devices, the treatment time is 35-60 minutes. This allows for an intensive and yet gentle treatment in which temperature and vacuum are constantly maintained at an individual level adapted to the patient. State-of-the-art software allows permanent monitoring to ensure complication-free treatment with maximum efficiency.

For which body areas and situations cryolipolysis is suitable

Despite exercise and a balanced diet, many people still have stubborn fat deposits. This refers to typical problem areas such as love handles on the waistband or excess fat on the upper arms and thighs, which can hardly be eliminated through exercise or other common measures. Areas such as the double chin, which is otherwise difficult to treat, can also be addressed with cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is particularly suitable here, as it is a non-invasive (i.e. surgery/scalpel-free), simple treatment that can be used to treat specific areas of the body in isolation, allowing up to 2.5 kg of fat to be removed over several sessions. It can serve as a simple alternative to liposuction in such cases. However, for more extensive fat deposits, liposuction is the more suitable treatment.

Holistic therapy with HIEMT and 3D body scanner, nutritional optimisation

The philosophy of the revitCells procedures is always a holistic approach to therapy. Also with cryolipolysis I combine and recommend complementary measures with HIEMT. An extremely important point is also the "endogenous tightening". Unfortunately, this approach is often ignored. The way one lives, the lifestyle and the diet contribute significantly to the fact that regenerative processes in the body can take place in the first place. This is a basic requirement for a firm and healthy body tissue. We work here with experts in micronutrient optimization to quickly identify deficiencies in your personal case and compensate for them, for example, through an individual and tailored dietary supplement.

The possibility to visualise the entire course of treatment three-dimensionally by means of a body scan rounds off the entire picture for an exact analysis and evaluation or further treatment optimisation.

Cryolipolysis device

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At a glance

  • Cost-effective alternative to liposuction
  • Non-invasive intervention (no surgery)
  • Treatment of abdomen, arms, legs and double chin
  • Short treatment duration (35-60 minutes)
  • 3 sessions per treatment area
  • Cryogenic device with the highest medical quality
  • Excellent to combine with HIEMT
  • Including 3D body scan
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