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Rhinoplasty for
natural results and optimal nasal function

Rhinoplasty is a technically demanding procedure in plastic and aesthetic surgery. As the most common procedure worldwide, they have a particular impact on the harmony and appearance of our face.

A deformation or disfigurement of the nose can be an enormous burden and impair well-being. Breathing difficulties, infections and snoring problems can be the result. The desire for a nose correction is therefore understandable.

The natural nose -
Function and aesthetics in harmony

As a plastic surgeon, my challenge is to harmonize the aesthetics and function of the nose during an operation. The shape of the nose must be determined precisely and sensitively. The operation requires careful planning and execution in order to achieve good long-term results. The aim of the operation is not a standard nose, but an individual change that blends harmoniously into the personal facial proportions. In the end, the nose should look natural and unoperated.

State-of-the-art methods for optimum results

At revitCells® we rely on the latest surgical methods for optimal results. Both to optimize your nasal function and to achieve the best possible aesthetic results. State-of-the-art technologies and innovative procedures are used in our expert clinic. At revitCells® you also benefit from our many years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty from revitCells in Soest

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  • Optimization of the nasal function
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