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The treatments

Aesthetic treatments
with autologous fat

Own fat - fat stem cells

In the field of aesthetic surgery, numerous procedures with a rejuvenating character can be performed, e.g. on the face, décolleté or the back of the hand. In the face, for example, deep and permanent circles under the eyes have been a problem that has been difficult to treat until now. The autologous fat treatment with the fat stem cell can achieve a long-lasting rejuvenating effect due to its properties, as it can, among other things, actively build up the fatty tissue in the thin skin profile of the lower eyelid region. The light terraces of the arms, especially the backs of the hands, often show the first signs of ageing. Here, too, the controlled insertion of the patient's own fat stem cells can achieve an improvement in skin texture, etc.

Breast augmentation without silicone

However, the autologous fat obtained during classic liposuction can also be used to achieve breast enlargement - without silicone. As a rule, with only a one-stage procedure, the size increases cannot be expected as with a silicone cushion, but the procedure is much gentler and made of the body's own material.

Butt enlargement - Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock lift or augmentation is one of the most frequently requested procedures in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In recent years, the trend for a shapely buttocks has been increasingly fuelled, especially by stars from the film and music industry. The Brazilian butt lift, an autologous fat injection to contour and enlarge the buttocks, is the most effective and least complicated method.

It is particularly interesting that the controlled suction of fatty tissue from problem areas leads to areas with too much fat (e.g. hip rolls, etc.) being reduced and accentuated, but at the same time the buttocks increase in volume. If the liposuction is carried out correctly and the necessary technology (WAL) is available, a "living lipoaspirate" can be assumed. Only when the removed fat cells are alive and survive can a permanent result remain.

Lip augmentation

The lips are often injected with hyaluronic acid to gain volume. In lipofilling, the patient's own fat and fat stem cells are injected into the lips in equal measure. Here, too, the result is long-lasting after an initially declining volume effect and can be repeated if necessary if the subjective target volume is not achieved.

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