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October 2023

Dr. Simunec gives a lecture at the 55 Congreso National SECPRE in Valencia

Dr. Simunec for revitCells at the 55th Annual Congress of Spanish Plastic Surgeons

At the annual congress of Spanish plastic surgeons, the "55° Congreso Nacional SECPRE", Dr. Denis Simunec was invited as a foreign speaker to report on the unique, holistic lipedema therapy from revitCells. The congress takes place annually at the Valencia Conference Center in Valencia, Spain, and presents papers from leading experts in various fields of plastic surgery. On October 5, 2023, Dr. Denis Simunec presented a technical paper on the special, holistic approach to lipedema at revitCells under the title "Lipedema? Liposuction is not enough" and then discussed this with his international colleagues in a panel discussion. "I was very pleased that the holistic revitCells approach to the treatment of lipedema was received as a real innovation!", Dr. Simunec.

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January 2023

Article from the FOCUS online magazine on the topic of holistic lipedema treatment

The special lipedema therapy of Dr. Denis Simunec, as well as the entire revitCells practice clinic in Soest, are well known from the media. Here is an example from FOCUS online from the year 2022. Simunec, specialist and head physician, is also a welcome guest in TV interviews, among other things about his innovative, state-of-the-art therapy approaches.

Contribution to lipedema treatment in the Dortmund area