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Sustainable body toning

There are many individual methods of body toning. However, for a lasting effect, the synergetic combination of selected measures is the key to success. The revitCells® body firming is a treatment package that combines the most modern, mutually supporting methods in a meaningful way.

What is a body lift?

Major weight fluctuations, but also pregnancies and genetic predisposition or ageing lead to a reduction in the firm connective tissue (collagen and elastin) and thus a lack of shape-stabilising effects. The consequence is often a sagging and slackening of the tissue. This is where the typical problem zones on the arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs become apparent.

The classic surgical methods of body lifting are "tightening and cutting away" the excess skin, for example. However, they are no longer the gold standard nowadays. In the revitCells practice clinic, we therefore consciously refrain from exclusively surgical methods as monotherapy. Rather, it is important to create a holistic therapy concept. In other words, the combination of non-surgical (conservative) and surgical measures.

The modern approach

Dr. Simunec uses the most modern surgical techniques, such as the water jet (Bodyjet), to gently detach the tissue from the base during the tightening procedure, while at the same time assisted liposuction can be used to correct the shape of the area to be tightened. The use of the water jet also leads to a so-called "liposhifting", i.e. the dispersal of regenerative fat stem cells, which often results in an improvement of the skin's appearance.

Tightening effects can also be achieved using lasers as the only tool or assisted after liposuction. Due to the controlled application of the laser in the tissue, additional collagen formation and secondary tightening occurs later.

The package of HIEMT, cryolipolysis,
thread lift, 3D body scanner and nutritional optimisation

The philosophy of the revitCells procedures is always a holistic approach to therapy. In addition to surgical approaches, we combine and recommend complementary measures with HIEMT and/or cryolipolysis for body tightening. In addition to these measures, it is nowadays also possible to have collagen strands formed in a controlled manner using PDO threads in order to achieve further tissue tightening. An extremely important point is also the "endogenous tightening". Unfortunately, this approach is often ignored. The way we live, our lifestyle and diet play a significant role in ensuring that regenerative processes can take place in the body in the first place. This is a basic prerequisite for firm and healthy body tissue. We work together with experts in micronutrient analysis to quickly identify deficiencies in your personal case and compensate for them, for example, with individual and customised nutritional supplements.

The possibility of being able to visualise the entire course of treatment three-dimensionally by means of a body scan, also for you, rounds off the entire picture for an exact analysis and further optimisation of treatment.

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