The treatment

Botulinum toxin, filler and
thread lifting with medical-quality products

Many providers today allow treatments with Botox or injections of the jaw line, lips and more. But only a specialist in plastic and aesthetic medicine can offer you the important level of experience, skill and, above all, product quality.

What are botulinum toxin, fillers and stitches for?

To tighten and shape the upper body regions, especially the facial area, injections with fillers, blocking of muscle activity or tightening with threads are often performed. Typical examples are lip and wrinkle injections with hyaluron or wrinkle treatments with Botox, which we offer at revitCells in the highest quality.

Wrinkle reduction with botulinum toxin

The botolinum toxin ensures that muscle activity is reduced at the injection site. This accordingly leads to a reduction in the dynamic formation of wrinkles and thus to a visually "smoother" appearance of the skin.

Injection with fillers

Substances such as hyaluronic acid serve as a so-called "filler" during injections. They compensate for the prevailing loss of substance in wrinkles and thus pad them. However, injections are not only used to treat wrinkles, but also to shape parts of the face, such as slight corrections of the nose or an aesthetic change in the shape and volume of the lips (so-called lip injections).

Thread lifting with PDO threads

Thread lifting is a very gentle and elegant procedure that can replace the classic facelift. Minimally invasive, dissolving threads can be inserted into the skin under local anaesthesia and thus very beautiful tightening effects can be achieved. The special nature of the PDO threads even improves the appearance and quality of the skin (collagen induction).

The importance of doctor-quality products

At revitCells, we offer Botox, filler and thread lift treatments by a plastic surgeon and exclusively with medical grade products. For injections, for example, we only use high-class products from the Merz company. These products are sold exclusively to doctors and not to alternative practitioners (or similar).

Injections of the lips, the mid-face, the jaw line and also the treatment of mixed wrinkles are possible with a wide variety of product classes. In this context, we offer not only injections with hyaluron, but also injections with microspheres (calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres / Radiesse) and injections with autologous fat.

Calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres are also reserved for the medical profession. They allow for a 3-phase build-up in the tissue, where we see a proactive collagen build-up that can last 1.5 years or longer.

Treatment from the specialist is crucial

Whether it's injections, Botox or thread lifting, it's important that the treatment is carried out by a specialist using high-quality material, applying the ideal method(s) for you and combining them sensibly where possible.

An example: Not every wrinkle should be treated exclusively with a filler. The frown line in particular is a dynamic wrinkle for which a slight blockage of the muscle activity with Botox should always be done in advance so that the filler is not "pushed out" of its tissue bed.

Another example is the possibility of combining a thread lift with state-of-the-art lipofilling. Here, regenerative fat stem cells are injected, which achieve synergetic effects in combination with the thread lift.

Only an experienced doctor can reliably assess which method and which product is best for you with the corresponding techniques and technologies and carry out an appropriate treatment. This should always be determined in a personal consultation and an individual analysis. For this, we are happy to welcome you in our revitCells practice clinic.

Reduce pain during injections

When injecting the lips, a local anaesthetic including a nerve block (like at the dentist) can be applied if necessary to make the treatment completely painless. We also use an innovative vibration technique to reduce the painful moments during the injections to a minimum.

Patient for wrinkle treatment with hyaluron, Botox and thread lifting

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