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The treatment

New treatment methods
for lipedema - small intestine analysis, water jet, 3D scan,
plasma tightening, pulse technique and more.

As a long-standing expert in lipedema surgery, I, Dr. Denis Simunec, would like to welcome you to the revitCells® practice clinic. On this page, you can find out more about our state-of-the-art range of treatments, which differs from conventional treatment concepts primarily due to its holistic approach with efficient additional measures before, during and after treatment.

Liposuction alone is not enough! - Holistic therapy

At revitCells®, I take a holistic approach to all therapeutic procedures. In the case of lipoedema, it is known that fundamental control circuits in the fat metabolism are disturbed.
In addition to the surgical removal of lipoedema fatty tissue, I also follow the approach of carrying out complementary therapies close to the cause. For the first time, we are able to carry out highly complex analyses of the small intestine (NOT the large intestine!) with just 2 drops of blood - if the microbiota is often abnormal, appropriate treatments can then be carried out.

In any case, so-called multimodal therapies, i.e. the interaction of several treatments, are more effective than just "liposuction".

Diagnostics with determination of the microbiota of the small intestine via two drops of blood and the determination of the omega fatty acid balance as well as the preparation of a therapy plan are included.

Liposuction by body-jet® procedure

Liposuction with water jet

In my clinic we use the state-of-the-art Bodyjet procedure for liposuction. Here, the fat distribution disorders are very gently suctioned off using a water jet (WAL). This form of waterjet liposuction makes it possible for the first time to suction off extremely high volumes of fat in just one session and is hereby expressly different from the classic tumescent liposuctions. The anatomical conditions, such as the arrangement of the axially running lymphatic channels, are absolutely respected during liposuction (no criss/cross technique). This reduces the risk of injury to the lymphatic channels and thus prevents lymphedema.

3D body scan for optimal analysis

A particularly unique feature of my revitCells® lipoedema therapy is the use of a complete 3D laser body scan before and after the treatment. This, in combination with a photo analysis, allows the treatment to be optimally planned and its results ideally analyzed. This is important in order to identify the therapy approach tailored to your needs and thus achieve the greatest possible effect. You also receive access to your 3D scans and other measurement results via an app on your smartphone.

Custom-fit compression garment from the company LIPOELASTIC® included

Due to the 3D laser analysis, we can use the determined body data to select and order a prefabricated compression garment from the company LIPOELASTIC® for you. The compression garment will thus be delivered to us on time for your operation. You do not have to worry about anything anymore.

Less scars due to Softstop

Through what I call the "soft stop" procedure, I have developed a suction technique that additionally protects the skin mantle and allows for more inconspicuous scars afterwards. As a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon, my special knowledge of the anatomical structures of the connective tissue of the arm and hand also allows me to suction the areas of these regions that are usually difficult to treat.

Argo plasma for additional tightening

Argo plasma treatment(download flyer here) is also a very new procedure to achieve additional tightening effects in the tissue. This procedure can be used as a stand-alone or in combination after water jet liposuction. In this way, the sagging skin areas can be additionally tightened immediately after liposuction without having to remove the excess skin. The tightening effect starts immediately, the final result can be seen after 3-6 months(Video1 and Video2).

Supportive body composition via HIEMT technology

Optionally and accompanying liposuction, several sessions, starting 4 weeks after liposuction, of a HIEMT application can be included in the treatment. This is a high-intensity, muscle-building application while lying down, in which targeted, electromagnetic stimulation is used to strengthen and define individual muscle groups, as well as to increase fat burning in the body and stimulate blood circulation in the connective tissue.

Only the best for our lipedema patients

From now on, every lipoedema patient at revitCells® will be fitted with a very effective and innovative system directly after the operation, which has been proven to drastically reduce post-operative swelling in the extremities using impulse technology. The reduced swelling is accompanied by a reduction in pain and faster convalescence.

In addition to the included 3D laser scan or the holistic metabolic therapy (microbiota), the new pulse technology is another tool to offer our lipedema patients state-of-the-art technologies!

Liposuction treatment for lipedema

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At a glance

  • Specialist with many years of expertise in lipedema surgery
  • Practice clinic with state-of-the-art technology
  • incl. waterjet process (WAL Center of Excellence)
  • incl. 3D full body laser scan and photo analysis
  • incl. compression garment of the company LIPOELASTIC®.
  • incl. scan results and 3D visualization available via app
  • incl. gentle suction technology Softstop & No-Criss-Cross
  • incl. well-founded holistic small intestine analysis via blood with therapy plan preparation (lipid metabolism disorder, etc.) [from two booked operations].
  • incl. omega fatty acid analysis [from two booked operations].
  • incl. follow-up and progress assessment
  • incl. new impulse technique against swelling and pain directly after surgery and for home use (via budget-neutral prescription of the family doctor)
  • incl. 1 to 1 support, WLAN & streaming TV
  • Optional: Additional body composition via HIEMT
  • Optional: Additional tightening with argon plasma from €2400
  • Optional: hotel & transfer in Soest can be booked on request
  • Financing is possible through an appropriate service provider
  • Lipedema therapy from €6400,- plus anesthesia costs
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Voices of our patients

I had my first lipedema surgery two weeks ago and I am very happy and satisfied. I am already almost pain-free. Dr. Simunec is very competent, friendly and takes a lot of time for us as patients; a big praise also to the entire team of the practice clinic. I feel in excellent hands here and the surrounding location is great. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you for everything!

32 years

I had a surgery appointment at the revitCells® practice clinic in November 2022. Before this appointment, I had a detailed consultation with Dr. Simunec. The operation went smoothly, with a perfect result. My positive impression of the clinic, the friendly staff and the competence of the head physician Dr. Simunec was fully confirmed. My assessment: 100 percent recommendable: high professional competence, emphatic and innovative.

51 years

Thank you very much to Dr. Simunec and his team for the impeccable work and care before and after both lipedema surgeries. I will be seeking further treatments as soon as it is possible. I wish continued success, especially in exploring new therapies. Unfortunately, there are only a few doctors so far who put so much heart and soul into their work and do not lose sight of humanity. I can only recommend the practice clinic.

27 years


Known from the media

Dr. Denis Simunec's special lipoedema therapy and the entire revitCells® practice clinic in Soest are well known in the media. Here is an example from FOCUS online from 2022. Specialist and head physician Simunec is also a welcome guest in TV interviews and is interviewed about his innovative, ultra-modern treatment approaches, among other things.

Read article from Focus Online

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